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Olivia is a nursing major turned to Operations Manager of multiple marketing firms. She jumped at the opportunity to switch careers when she realized the growth potential and knew she could excel in this company in record time. Her accomplishments include: the company becoming the number one vendor location in the US for 6+ months, promoting 2 outside deals (all in a span of one year! ) Her professional goals include becoming a better version of herself, mentoring other motivated professionals to succeed and expand into their own market. Her professional short-term goals are to promote more people to management and continue to be the top producing office in the nation. Olivia’s long-term goals are to retire her parents, own commercial and residential property, acquire financial freedom, and to travel more. When Olivia is not focused on her entrepreneurial duties, you can find her owning the dance floor, as she is an International Latin ballroom dancer. What Olivia enjoys most about being part of the team is watching other people succeed and being a fabulous mentor. The best advice Olivia has received is knowing that “nothing good will come easy so we either pay now and play later or play now and pay later!” Olivia stays motivated because her end goals of helping her family, helping others be successful, and sustaining long-term financial freedom outweigh any struggle that comes her way!