Managing partner

  • Ace Concepts


Chris Raftice, Owner and CEO started at Suffolk County Community College but shortly changed his career goals when he realize he could accomplish more pursuing a different path. Chris has seen great success with Evolve Excellence. In a year and a half, he worked his way up to running the company. He has an incredible sports mentality not only in his personal life but also within his professional career. Thanks to this mindset, Chris was promoted to management 6 months after lockdown and 4 months later he expanded into a new market. His professional short term goals are to promote 3-4 managers by the end of the year and expand his footprint across the United States. Chris’s professional long term goals are to oversee / consult for an office in 20+ states across the country. Chris won’t stop there. What keeps him motivated is the fact that growth doesn’t stop in his industry. He’s never disliked anybody he’s ever worked for in the past, but disliked their inability to promote him to a higher position. Since being in this industry, Chris has received 3 promotions and multiple awards. Chris enjoys the team environment. Nobody can win a championship by themselves, so the fact that when he helps somebody hit their goals, he hits his goals by default, that excites him. Chris is excited about growing into the next position and promoting another person to management. In his free time, he enjoys going to the gym everyday, playing basketball, football and slow pitch softball. The best advice that Chris have received:” focus on the things that are in your control and there’s no reason to get upset about things that are not in your control.”